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Iberdrola Energía Internacional, S.A.U. is the Spanish subholding company with internacional projection of the group of companies whose business activities are not controlled by other subholdings and whose activities are performed essentially outside the countries where those subholding companies are located, being its activities performed either directly, wholly or in part, by the company, or via ownership of shares or stakes in other companies, while remaining subject to the provisions of sectoral legislation applicable at all times, and especially to the electricity sector.

Iberdrola Energía Internacional, S.A.U. carries out its business in different territories through the following companies: Iberdrola Renovables Internacional, S.A.U., which performs the activities of generating and marketing electrical power via facilities that use renewable energy sources, and Iberdrola Clientes Internacional, S.A.U., which markets and trades in electrical energy.

Iberdrola Energía Internacional's main responsibility is to disseminate, implement and ensure monitoring of the general policies, strategies and directives of the Iberdrola group in the territories in which its subsidiaries operate and to centralise the common services provided to these companies, in accordance with applicable law. Depending companies have their own boards of directors and have the independence required to perform ordinary, effective management of their businesses, and are also responsible for their ordinary control.

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Iberdrola Renovables International, S.A.U. is a Head of Business company of the renewable energy business that performs the activities of electric power generation and retailing through renewable energy sources and, consequently, is engaged in all kinds of activities, construction work and services related to the business of electricity production and retailing by means of plants that use renewable energy sources, including, but not limited to, hydraulic, wind power, thermosolar, photovoltaic or biomass-based production; the production, processing and marketing of biofuels and by-products; and the design, engineering, development, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the aforementioned plants, whether self- or third-party owned, analysis services, engineering studies or energy, environmental, technical or economic consultancy related to that type of facilities.


Iberdrola Clientes Internacional, S.A.U. is a parent company that holds the stakes in overseas controlled investee companies, that markets energy in those jurisdictions in which it is present through a subsidiary or controlled company and is, consequently, engaged in all manner of activities related to the business of marketing, buying and selling energy without any limitation on the exercise of this activity, as well as energy-related products and raw materials on the markets under existing contractual modalities, provision of energy services; generation of electrical and thermal energy through efficient facilities by means of any technology; the distribution, representation and marketing of all kind of goods and services, products related to energy efficiency, their financing and insurance brokerage as an exclusive or associated agent, or insurance broker; research, analysis and planning of investment projects and organisation of enterprises, as well as the promotion, creation and development of industrial, commercial or service companies; assistance or support to group and controlled companies or member of its business group, for the purpose of which it may provide such guarantees and warranties as may be required, and lastly, form companies, associations, economic interest groups, or any other type of associations or groups related to its corporate purpose.


The hallmark of the Iberdrola Group is its steady growth and its forward vision to prepare for society's future energy needs. Effort, talent, commitment and excitement are some of the main elements in our history.

With its different business lines, Iberdrola currently has different projects. under construction, which have become true milestones for the company, due to their dimensions and to the commitment to innovation.

Iberdrola is a brand committed to protecting its environment and people. Therefore, it is currently the top European electric utility by market capitalisation and the global leader in renewable energy. A position built on values and firm commitments, with a corporate culture based on integrity and transparency, and with ethical behaviour at the forefront of its business model and decision-making chain.