Our commitments

As Iberdrola's subholding company, Iberdrola Energía Internacional, S.A.U. shares its corporate purpose and values, and adopts the same social responsibility commitments, policies and practices.

More information on the Iberdrola Group's commitments

Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

The activities of Iberdrola Energía Internacional, S.A.U., a company of the Iberdrola group, focus on supplying affordable and clean energy (goal 7) and actions to combat climate change (goal 13), promoting efficient and responsible energy use.

Sustainability Report

Every year, Iberdrola, fully harnessing the synergies of the group through the corporate intra-group services, as one of the prerequisites ofthe corporate and governance structure of the Group, publishes the Sustainability Report [PDF] representing a comprehensive approach to the economic, environmental, social and corporate governance performance of the group.