Diversity and inclusion, two keys in our contribution to a fairer and more plural society

At Iberdrola International, we coordinate the Group's activities in more than 20 countries, which makes us a team that is proud of our global, intercultural, and heterogeneous identity. Therefore, and true to the company's values, we carry out strategic actions to ensure the diversity and inclusion of our employees, customers, and suppliers, as a basis for progress towards a more diverse and inclusive society in the countries in which we are present.

At Iberdrola Energía Internacional S.A.U. (hereinafter referred to as Iberdrola International), we incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into our value chain through cross-cutting initiatives aimed at our human team and other stakeholders. In this way, we want to drive economic growth, social development, and the generation of a more innovative and sustainable energy future for all. 

Our energy is made of diversity

At Iberdrola International, we have an innovative Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy that incorporates international best practices, within the framework of our sustainable development strategy and our social commitment.  

This policy, in line with the provisions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the UN, promotes equal opportunities and guarantees non-discrimination in the management of people, driving important advances with our employees, customers, suppliers and society in general. 

The overall impact of these actions, both at Iberdrola International and at the other Companies, is reflected annually in the Iberdrola Group's Diversity and Inclusion Report Enlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva.. We believe that the periodic evaluation of our efforts and transparency in the results are key tools for achieving our diversity and inclusion goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Promoting diversity and inclusion is an essential task for any company that seeks to create sustainable value with its activity. Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Strategy, promoted since 2023 by Iberdrola International's D&I Board, encompasses multiple dimensions of diversity and is based on four pillars that promote initiatives both internally, in our employees, and externally, in the customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate.


We promote an inclusive culture through awareness raising, training and positive communication.


We manage talent inclusively, promoting equal access to opportunities and development for all.


We offer inclusive services and promote energy access for vulnerable customers.

  Social contribution

We influence our environment to improve people's lives and promote change towards a more sustainable future and a fairer society.

Our diversity and inclusion goals

Within Iberdrola International's efforts towards diversity and inclusion, it is essential to establish priorities to ensure that our objectives are addressed in an effective and coordinated manner, leading to positive results. Thus, we establish as a necessary starting point the work of raising awareness and visibility regarding the importance of acting for the inclusion of our diversity in the various places where we operate. 

From there, our medium-term priorities and objectives follow in the areas of: Women + STEM; Generations; Multiculturalism; Disabilities; and Minorities.

Latest international milestones in D&I

  • Creation of local D&I Committees in our main geographies (Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Mexico and International*). The model allows us to learn about local trends, identify and adopt best practices and accelerate results.
  • We launched HerEnergy, a global initiative aimed at making the talent of our professionals more visible and boosting their development. This initiative has been developed together with leading external entities, and the programme includes specific training tailored to the needs of each participant as well as support for 6 months for developing business-relevant projects. In this first edition, 32 women from Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil are participating.
  • We strengthen employee networks. These groups increase the sense of belonging, empower minorities and allow us to naturally influence the organisation. Today we have 21 employee networks with over 5,200 members – an increase of 75% compared to 2022.

* Mainly Europe and Asia-Pacific